iPad Serves Up Print

March 17, 2010

Rock Show printing posters to order from iPadThe Apple iPad is adding a new level of engagement and sales opportunities for printed posters. A new app developed by digital media company Neutrinos, LLC, called Rock Show, lets users buy limited edition concert posters and discover more about performing artists via quick links to both Wikipedia and the iTunes store. In most cases the posters will be shipped to the purchaser by the artist or design studio that originally created them.

Another print growth opportunity born from e-reading devices is printed protective covers-called skins, sleeves and wraps–that enclose and personalize the device for owners. Consumers’ flair for appliance fashion combined with the need to protect devices sets this product category up as a recurring print market.

Unlike a laptop, the letter-sized iPad it has no top case, so the protective wraps and sleeves will be critical. Already well established within the cell-phone arena, the skins are sold online and at retailers like Target.

Apple’s e-reader–which also offers Web browsing, e-mail and music–has also captured the attention of major magazine and book publishers looking to expand their relevance in the e-sphere. Publishers’ moves to develop standards to convert content to e-reader formats have pushed printing companies to expand premedia service offerings.


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